Helen Lee

Tour Guide Profile for Helen Lee

“Thank you for visiting my web page.

I have worked as a tour guide now for 19 years, having fallen into the job by accident after finishing a Masters Degree in Public Policy at the University of Limerick. In 2004 I became a registered guide for the Galway Region.

During this time I have worked for major tour operators throughout Ireland, Britain and France, conducting tours in English.  In addition to conducting brochure tours I have also led choir tours all over the British Isles. I have gained a wealth of experience in guiding, and I have uncovered a wealth of “useless” information, the kind of information that visitors to these shores love.

My particular interest is the history of the British Isles, but on my tours I cover a diversity of subjects ranging from the economy to the flora and fauna of Ireland. Now you can’t get more diverse than that!

I am available for coach tours or walking tours. Whichever tour you are taking, I look forward to plying you with useful and, some useless, information about Galway and its environs.

Enjoy your visit to the Galway region.”