Mary Flynn Yates

Mary Flynn-Yates is ainm dom (Mary is my name)

“Ora Turais”– an ancient Gaelic Prayer for Travellers is my wish for you on your journey to visit us in the West of Ireland.

I am a Fáilte Ireland Tour Guide and a Member of ATGI I would love to share my passion for and knowledge of my area with you – as you relax and experience our unique Heritage and Culture, and our unique Sense of Place.

As a Town and Country Planner I have a passionate interest in the Environment. I am committed to Best Practice Environmental Tourism and have contributed to several European and National Eco projects. I have a Diploma in Irish Archaeology. As a Planner I have a particular interest in Irish Architecture. Vernacular, historic, and modern architecture “come to life” on my tours! I have been involved in developing the East Galway Ecclesiastical Heritage Trail and County Galway Architectural Walking Tours

 I am also a National Tidy Towns Adjudicator which keeps me up-to-date with Towns and Villages throughout Ireland.

As a Tour Guide living in Galway City I would like to accompany you on your

City Walks.
The wonderful Medieval Streetscapes and Buildings,  Waterways, and Seashore – together with places associated with our Literary Heritage (Anglo-Irish and Irish) can be enjoyed on  my
Slow Walks
These walks allow for a leisurely pace  – suitable for those who wish to find time to reflect on and to  absorb their surroundings.  The walks will be informative in every way, but will not overload you with facts and figures – soon forgotten.  These walks may be accompanied by Celtic Reflections, Literary Resonances, Nature Watching – and perhaps Mindfulness and Silence (when requested!) We can also share a few basic Irish (Gaelic) phrases on our journey if you so wish!

I have a particular interest in Celtic Spirituality and can advise you in relation to Western Early Christian Sites. I can also take you to the historic Medieval Monasteries of the West of Ireland and to see the great Stained Glass of the Celtic Revival period.

I can guide bilingually in Irish and English.

I am equally passionate about the Countryside. As a Geographer with English Literature as my second degree subject, I can unlock the landscape and its connectedness for you. Galway, Mayo, Clare, and Roscommon counties are but a short journey away …..

And so I invite you to

“Come away O human child to the waters and the wild” (The Stolen Child/W.B.Yeats)