Paul Byrne

Hi there, originally from Dublin I have been living and working in Co. Galway for nearly 30 years now. Before that, I lived in Co. Donegal in the North West of Ireland for 8 years, which is also a wonderful place and gave me a love for the West of Ireland.

Galway City is one of the best and friendliest places in Ireland to live in, and has recently been voted the “4th best City in the world to visit” by Lonely Planet.

The city has a rich history and heritage since its foundation and grew to being one of the most influential ports and cities in this part of the world and stayed that way for a couple of centuries. There are some great stories to be told about this period in time.

There is also a great variety of fantastic scenery and things of interest to see all around Co. Galway and Co. Clare such as, Connemara, The Burren and The Cliffs of Moher to name but a few.

I qualified as a tour guide two years ago and am a member of the Approved Tour Guides Of Ireland, (ATGI) and the Galway Tour Guides association. Last year I got an SPSV licence and enjoy taking people on tours to some of the interesting places in the area and sometimes further afield. (up to 7 people plus myself).

I have many and varied interests which include, Walking, Golf, Sailing, Choral singing, Badminton and Irish History and Heritage. I enjoy telling people stories about the area which help to give them an understanding of what life was like in this region throughout the ages.

I look forward to meeting you and taking you on a walking tour of the city during the year or further afield if that is your wish.

Remember, that this year (2020) Galway is the European Capital of Culture.


Paul Byrne.